Runner’s high: Green Tea & Red Wine 10/09/2015

I am a runner. At least that is what I want to be. I am actually in training for my first official run, a 5K. I have taken a very holistic approach to running. In terms of equipment, I got two pairs of good running shoes, as experts say it is important to vary your […]

Waiting for Joaquin: Ruminating on genetics and flood resistant crops 10/01/2015

The last few days in North Carolina most people have been paying very close attention to weather forecasts. The North Carolina coast could receive a direct hit from Hurricane Joaquin. The troubling news is even if Joaquin stays out at sea and misses us we could receive up to another 12 inches of rain, flooding […]

GMOrganic? 09/29/2015

In my last blog I mentioned that I recently had my sister and her two adorable twin boys stay with us. As I have been sinking my teeth into making Forma Life Science Marketing a major player in Ag-Bio marketing I remembered another very interesting insight from my family’s visit. My sister is an amazing […]

Going for it: Forma expanding to Ag-Bio 09/23/2015

I just spent the week with my twin two-year-old nephews. Needless to say, I am exhausted. However, it is a different exhaustion than I expected. I had expected to be physically exhausted from chasing them around and preventing them from hurting themselves. Instead, I am exhausted from keeping up with their curious minds and can […]

It’s all about the “But” in Life Science Marketing 08/06/2015

– Third, and final, in a series – In the first post in this series I talked about how most life science marketing stinks due to the scientists’ need for Clarity and completeness. I also introduced the idea that most effective communication in life science marketing can be boiled down to living somewhere on the Clarity […]

When life science market research becomes a game of Go Fish 07/30/2015

Did you play Go Fish growing up? It’s a great card game for kids because the rules are simple. The goal is to collect pairs of cards to lay down on the table. If you need an “8,” you ask for it, and the next player has to give it to you if they have […]

Putting the Mystery in Life Science Marketing 06/22/2015

  – Second in a series – In my previous post, I talked about how most life science marketing is less than adequate (stinks), due primarily to the scientist’s need for Clarity and completeness. I introduced three key characteristics that, much like a funnel, make scientists want to become scientists: The search for answers The […]

Too much Clarity is killing life science marketing 06/05/2015

—First in a series— Most life science marketing (stinks) is less than adequate, and I have a theory about why that is. It begins with what makes a scientist want to become a scientist in the first place. There are three key characteristics that make scientists want to become scientists, which also loosely describe the […]

Chapin presenting at Chiltern Symposium June 4, signing books at BIO 2015 June 16 05/28/2015

Since releasing his first book last December, David Chapin, CEO of Forma Life Science Marketing and author of Making the Complex Compelling: Creating High-Performance Marketing in the Life Sciences, has presented at four programs since January and is gearing up for two more events in the next two weeks. Click here for more details.

David Chapin talks about marketing for life science and biotech professionals at MAGI 2015 East on May 17 05/12/2015

Forma Life Science Marketing CEO David Chapin will co-present to life science and biotech researchers and other professionals about effective marketing, presentations, and stage presence at the MAGI 2015 East Clinical Research Conference in Arlington, VA on Sunday, May 17.  Click here for details and some presentation outtakes.