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Pro bono positioning for BioPontis Alliance Rare Disease Foundation 06/26/2014

We’re pleased to announce our significant pro bono agreement with BioPontis Alliance Rare Disease Foundation (BARD). Through the agreement, Forma is donating strategic marketing support to establish BARD’s positioning, messaging and case statement — all of which are critical to reach the Foundation’s existing donor and prospect audiences. The BioPontis Alliance Rare Disease Foundation was founded in September 2013 […]

If life gives you commoditization, expand (but don’t forget to differentiate!) 06/23/2014

Frank Diana, Global Head of the Digital Enterprise Solutions Team at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), paved a road map for becoming an emerging digital enterprise. In this exceptional 6-part online series featured on Perspectives, TCS Consulting Journal, Diana presents a compelling case for organizations facing commoditization of their products and services. In his 2nd installment, […]

‘Why don’t you call someone who cares?’ 06/18/2014

‘Why don’t you call someone who cares?’ Definitely not the nicest thing you can say to someone but not the worst idea when it comes to user research. One of the most versatile and therefore commonly used methodologies in user research is the individual interview.The individual interview is just as the name implies a one on […]

Getting it right even before you start 06/18/2014

“Perfect” is an emotion commonly felt when a researcher finishes crafting a question. The question is clear, the answer choices provided inclusive and mutually independent, there is no way this question will not return invaluable data! Unfortunately, this is sometimes just not the case. It is for this reason pretesting is an incredibly important, and surprisingly […]

The importance of metrics in Life Science Marketing (told through the lens of one of the nicest guys ever in baseball) 06/18/2014

Marketing’s purpose is to inform and influence potential customers, to give those customers specific, low-risk, easy-to-take actions resulting in movement toward the next step in the buying process. Stories move people and are one of the primary tools marketers can use to bring potential customers closer. And everyone loves a good story. Numbers can tell stories, too. And […]

Avoiding Analysis Paralysis 06/05/2014

It is a moment met with many emotions. Excitement. Nervousness. Fear even. You have just received a final data set, now you will learn if the hours you spent discussing, crafting, programming and checking the survey instrument were worth it. For many researchers this can be a moment of analysis paralysis. There is just so […]

Differentiate or Die 05/06/2014

A recent deal between Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline and Ely Lilly shows where the life science industry is headed: Specialization. Novartis is moving exclusively to Oncology drugs, GSK to vaccines and Lilly to animal drugs. Differentiating yourself from your competition is how to grow sales and market share. Specializing is one way to differentiate. But what if […]

Carrie Crowe adds life science marketing research expertise at Forma 03/27/2014

Carrie Crowe has joined Forma Life Science Marketing as a Director of Client Services. In addition to her role as an account manager for some of Forma’s largest clients, Carrie is building upon her expertise in life science marketing research by exploring methodology alternatives and interpretation of outcomes. She has 15 years’ professional experience in […]

Unlock your Life Science Marketing Intuition with Archetypes 03/19/2014

One of the primary things we do in working with life science companies is to help them assess where they are now and then to decide where they want to go. These are fundamental questions of goals, strategies, tactics and positioning and they touch not just how companies go to market, but also on the […]

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