Let’s take the “P” word out of Life Science Marketing 04/29/2015

Have you ever improved upon a mediocre speech by turning it into a PowerPoint (that “P” word), or do you know any great speeches that were written in PowerPoint? I seriously doubt it. In a blog post titled “7 Strategies That Make Speechwriting Easier,” Dr. Michelle Mazur makes some good points — sticking to one […]

Archetypes: ‘The next trend in high-performance B2B marketing’ 04/16/2015

The recent webinar, Using archetypes in life science marketing to increase sales and margins, included an interactive discussion led by David Chapin that shed new light on how life science organizations can set themselves apart from the competition and better engage their audiences in a crowded, highly regulated marketplace. In so doing, such organizations will benefit […]

To empower employees, let them sink or swim 03/11/2015

I recently made a 48-hour whirlwind trip to the West Coast for a series of client presentations when I made a grim discovery: I had forgotten my phone charger. My colleague and I zipped into a convenience store, where I quickly spotted my prize on a rack near the counter. I reached for the charger, […]

When life science marketing misses the mark 03/02/2015

Words 2 Wow Founder Chris Conner (@words2wow) recently asked life science sales professionals if their marketing communications teams were giving them what they need to be successful – namely getting the right leads into the funnel and creating tools to help them bag the business. Only 40% of the 24 respondents feel their organizations’ MarCom […]

Virginia life science KOPs welcome David Chapin 02/26/2015

Charlottesville, VA – February 26, 2015 – David Chapin, author and CEO of Forma Life Science Marketing based in Research Triangle Park, NC, will present at two industry gatherings in Charlottesville, VA on Thursday, April 2. Indoor Biotechnologies, a locally based global manufacturer of biologics for allergy and asthma, is organizing Chapin’s appearances. Dozens of […]

Why ‘almost the best’ isn’t alright for life science marketing 02/10/2015

“Market share as a first priority generally doesn’t end well. When you compete on quality, ‘almost the best’ will often still do pretty well. When you compete on price, ‘almost the cheapest’ always loses.” The quote above comes from a recent post by Apple-centric tech blogger John Gruber. Though Gruber was specifically referring to the Smartphone […]

This year: lose weight, not clients 01/09/2015

Every year, I set out with the best of intentions. I make resolutions to be healthier, do more charity work, or even spend more time with friends and family. Things always start well but somewhere around January 15th, something comes up and I go off track. The same thing can happen in our client relationships. If […]

People are talking. And so are we: Jan. 28 at NC COIN 01/07/2015

“If you just want to read one book—and only one—to make your products or services more desirable, congratulations: you are holding it.” What began in 2008 as a monthly series of white papers extended into a full-length book. On the heels of its release last month, our CEO David Chapin will present “Learn How to Improve Your Life […]

You don’t have to break the Internet to stay on brand 12/04/2014

Regardless of how you feel about Kim Kardashian, she is consistent in her quest to stay relevant. In life science marketing, we would never recommend that our clients pose in the buff, but we insist that they are consistent across all of their touch points – from website, to capabilities presentations, to trade show interactions, […]

Visional Missionableness Strategery for Life Science Marketing and the World 12/01/2014

Mission statement. Strategy statement. Vision statement. Value statement. Internal language. External language. And while we’re at it, is ours a platform or a product? A product platform? A productized platform service? Besides the financial statement or maybe the research statement, does any of this matter? Mostly no. And it almost never matters to your audience(s). Those who […]

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