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This year: lose weight, not clients 01/09/2015

Every year, I set out with the best of intentions. I make resolutions to be healthier, do more charity work, or even spend more time with friends and family. Things always start well but somewhere around January 15th, something comes up and I go off track. The same thing can happen in our client relationships. If […]

People are talking. And so are we: Jan. 28 at NC COIN 01/07/2015

“If you just want to read one book—and only one—to make your products or services more desirable, congratulations: you are holding it.” What began in 2008 as a monthly series of white papers extended into a full-length book. On the heels of its release last month, our CEO David Chapin will present “Learn How to Improve Your Life […]

You don’t have to break the Internet to stay on brand 12/04/2014

Regardless of how you feel about Kim Kardashian, she is consistent in her quest to stay relevant. In life science marketing, we would never recommend that our clients pose in the buff, but we insist that they are consistent across all of their touch points – from website, to capabilities presentations, to trade show interactions, […]

Visional Missionableness Strategery for Life Science Marketing and the World 12/01/2014

Mission statement. Strategy statement. Vision statement. Value statement. Internal language. External language. And while we’re at it, is ours a platform or a product? A product platform? A productized platform service? Besides the financial statement or maybe the research statement, does any of this matter? Mostly no. And it almost never matters to your audience(s). Those who […]

There is only forward… 11/10/2014

In life science marketing our clients are almost always scientists of some sort. Scientists are smart, they have been trained in the scientific process, they make decisions based on data. So when they are forced to rely on their gut to make a decision they can freeze and enter what is commonly referred to as […]

There’s no room for egos or status quo in life science marketing 09/04/2014

Steve Jobs was famous for a lot of things, not the least of which was being tough, opinionated and sometimes difficult to work with. Like most creative people, he had lots of ideas about lots of things and usually thought his ideas were best. Unlike many creative people, he had also attained the skills and […]

Getting to Content Marketing’s 42 Percent 08/06/2014

In a recent eBook, Kapost reports that 91% of marketers use content marketing, but only 42% say they’re using it effectively. Yikes! The Complete Guide to Building Your Content Marketing Workflow explores this performance gap, and then presses marketing teams to determine and document their content purpose, themes and topics, resources, and schedule. To help […]

We are watching you: User and Customer Research 07/29/2014

The terms User and Customer research are sometimes used interchangeably, and while there can be some similarities between these two types of research, there are distinct differences.  In general, both of these types of research focus on understanding behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.  However, that is where […]

If life gives you commoditization, expand (but don’t forget to differentiate!) 06/23/2014

Frank Diana, Global Head of the Digital Enterprise Solutions Team at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), paved a road map for becoming an emerging digital enterprise. In this exceptional 6-part online series featured on Perspectives, TCS Consulting Journal, Diana presents a compelling case for organizations facing commoditization of their products and services. In his 2nd installment, […]

‘Why don’t you call someone who cares?’ 06/18/2014

‘Why don’t you call someone who cares?’ Definitely not the nicest thing you can say to someone but not the worst idea when it comes to user research. One of the most versatile and therefore commonly used methodologies in user research is the individual interview. The individual interview is just as the name implies — a […]

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