For Life Science Marketing, what matters is what’s inside (the can) 11/30/2015

Polar bears relaxing on the ice around a campfire, gazing at the stars and drinking a… Anyone who’s watched TV at all over the last decade or so, knows they’re drinking a Coke. It’s easy to see and understand archetypes when looking at big consumer brands like Coke and Pepsi — they have the budgets […]

Talking Turkey 11/24/2015

Does anyone else feel bad for Thanksgiving? That’s right… I feel bad for a holiday. Despite being the only holiday that most organizations give you two days off for, Thanksgiving is almost completely passed over. Think about it… stores barely wait for Halloween to be over before they become a winter wonderland. Personally, any holiday that […]

The science behind switching out your closet 11/18/2015

As we are now in November, temperatures have dropped below freezing a night or two.  I, like many others enjoy a pumpkin flavored anything, but for me the real joy of fall is rotating out my closet. For me it is a time of reinvigoration and reinvention. The idea of rotation is not new. In fact, historians […]

To Be a B-Corp… or Not? 11/06/2015

As Forma Life Science Marketing continues to entrench itself within the Agricultural Sector and understand the issues unique to that sector it’s only natural that we ask ourselves if we are doing our part. As the saying goes, “If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem” so at Forma […]

Peanut Butter & Science Sandwich 10/22/2015

Perhaps I am more attune to agricultural issues these days, because I hear more and more about peanut allergies. Around the beginning of the school year, my Facebook blew up with angry posts on both sides of the issue. Certainly the concern is understandable, as at times this allergy can be so severe that without […]

Can you have multiple archetypes in sales and marketing in life science, drug development and biotech corporations? Can you use one archetype for each division? 10/14/2015

Two questions invariably come up when talking with life science marketers about archetypes. The first is: what are archetypes? I’ve answered that question in many places—here’s a good introduction: Gaining differentiation (and pricing power) through the use of archetypes in life science marketing. The second question is: can I have multiple archetypes, one for each […]

Runner’s High: Green Tea & Red Wine 10/09/2015

I am a runner. At least that is what I want to be. I am actually in training for my first official run, a 5K. I have taken a very holistic approach to running. In terms of equipment, I got two pairs of good running shoes, as experts say it is important to vary your […]

Waiting for Joaquin: Ruminating on genetics and flood resistant crops 10/01/2015

The last few days in North Carolina most people have been paying very close attention to weather forecasts. The North Carolina coast could receive a direct hit from Hurricane Joaquin. The troubling news is even if Joaquin stays out at sea and misses us we could receive up to another 12 inches of rain, flooding […]

GMOrganic? 09/29/2015

In my last blog I mentioned that I recently had my sister and her two adorable twin boys stay with us. As I have been sinking my teeth into making Forma Life Science Marketing a major player in Ag-Bio marketing I remembered another very interesting insight from my family’s visit. My sister is an amazing […]

Going for it: Forma expanding to Ag-Bio 09/23/2015

I just spent the week with my twin two-year-old nephews. Needless to say, I am exhausted. However, it is a different exhaustion than I expected. I had expected to be physically exhausted from chasing them around and preventing them from hurting themselves. Instead, I am exhausted from keeping up with their curious minds and can […]