Making the Complex Compelling: Effective marketing for the life sciences,” the book by Forma CEO David Chapin, provides the information necessary to bridge the gap between the scientific and marketing world views to enable the two to work together effectively and bring life-enhancing life science products and services successfully and profitably to market.

The gap between these two worldviews – science with its emphasis on completeness and on answering every question, and marketing with its emphasis on communication and clarity – is substantial. On one side of the chasm is the scientific process, which dictates that the experiment comes first, on the other, marketing principles, which dictate that practitioners identify and then keep target audiences – and their needs – front and center.

But bridge this gap we must, as the pace of scientific discovery is rapidly accelerating, driving discoveries that are spawning exciting new products, new services and new companies that require the attention and support of others to succeed. Success, however, requires proper market positioning and clear articulation and expression of benefits. Without them, these products, services and companies often remain unknown, or worse, un-actualized because their potential cannot be understood.

Making the Complex Compelling begins by examining the differences and the similarities between the science and marketing worldviews. The book outlines how people buy products and services and then dives deeply into marketing’s mechanism of action to show you how effective marketing can change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Common mistakes and misunderstandings that lead to poor marketing in the life sciences also are examined.

If you are a founder scientist or a life sciences marketer looking for a logical, complete outline of a proven process for creating effective marketing in the life sciences covering everything from proper positioning to the creation of a brand, to the development of marketing tactics designed to communicate clearly to life science audiences, Making the Complex Compelling is for you.

“The Marketing of Science: Making the Complex Compelling,” available now from Rockbench Press and on Amazon.

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