Who are your clients?

Forma clients are primarily life sciences companies with products or services currently in the discovery through pre-clinical to clinical research phases. We also accept the occasional post-regulatory-approval marketing engagement.

Where are your clients located?

Most of our clients have their main office in the US, but we also have worked with clients in Europe and Asia. We work in ways that keep travel to a minimum.

What type of work do you do for these clients?

Our primary engagements involve definition and clarification of our clients’ marketing strategy. We arrive at this strategy via a thorough diagnostic process. This strategy is then activated through the implementation of a range of marketing tactics tailored to maximize the effectiveness of that strategy.

As a result of our work, clients’ offerings become more differentiated and their messages more aligned and focused. Revenue increases are not uncommon.

My organization’s situation is truly unique. If this is the case, how can you help me?

Our expertise and diagnostic skills, honed over 25 years, enable us to recognize the patterns and trends that are common across the entire sector. Our experience also enables us to identify the uniqueness of each client’s situation.

While the fundamentals of communicating complex issues to technically sophisticated audiences in compelling ways remain the same, it is out of a deep understanding of both the common and the unique elements of the life sciences sector that we craft the highly-effective solutions for which we are known.

Interestingly, more often than you might think, we find that our client’s true uniqueness is not in the area they identify at first.

Who is your ideal client?

The ideal client has identified symptoms related to poor performance in their marketing and sales efforts and desires help in both identifying and addressing the root causes of these symptoms. They recognize that change is necessary and they’re ready to collaborate with an expert in science marketing to implement this change.

The ideal client welcomes a new perspective on their situation. They are willing to listen carefully to our advice and compare it carefully against their own experience, with the understanding that our recommendations are grounded in detailed study of their situation and backed by decades of experience. The ideal client is not afraid to say “no” and understands when it is time to say “yes.”

The ideal client understands that developing an effective strategy must be the first priority, and that tactical implementation will naturally follow.

The ideal client is seeking more than just a “pair of hands” to implement their ideas; they give us the freedom to produce great results, which for us means creating a significant impact on their business by:

  • increasing sales
  • differentiating their offering, and
  • creating an effective story that can be clearly understood by internal audiences and used consistently for external audiences.

The ideal client considers these impacts when judging our fees. They expect us to make a profit, so that we can continue to offer them the best possible marketing advice and service. They pay promptly.

The ideal client expects rapid results but recognizes that good work takes time. They are timely in their response to our requests. They realize that seeking perfection can mean sacrificing effectiveness. They recognize that holding marketing initiatives to the same performance standards as double-blind clinical trials will logically result in prices and timelines that match those of clinical trials (that is: expensive and slow).

The ideal client understands that we are not the right fit for everyone. The ideal client holds us to our best, for which we are grateful.

Do you have references we could contact?

Of course. We’ll be happy to provide these upon request.