Pretty pictures aren’t enough. That’s why our strategic marketing approach combines the best of academic understanding and 25 years of real-world experience in marketing life science companies. It’s an approach that’s been honed over decades of solving problems for our clients. And it’s delivered the desired results time and time again.

Diagnosis and Analysis: All engagements begin with our proprietary diagnostic process, during which we carefully and deeply assess and analyze your current situation, including: your specific sector’s regulatory and technological trends, your audiences, and your goals. We’ll conduct a brand audit, a competitive audit and a content audit. We’ll examine your current marketing strategies and tactics. We’ll audit the resources you have available and identify any gaps that would impede undertaking new marketing initiatives. As required, we’ll conduct market research, interview your customers and employ other objective diagnostic tools. We’ll analyze all this information and compare it against trends in your sector, your competitors’ performance and “best-in-class” metrics.

Prescription: We’ll develop a clear set of marketing strategies and goals and create customized strategic recommendations. These will be specific, measurable, attainable, and structured to allow them to be implemented by your team, our team or a combination of the two.


Once we have conducted our diagnosis and developed our prescriptive recommendations, we will be ready to implement the marketing tactics that will achieve your goals. While all client needs are unique, some common solutions include the following:

Content marketing

Brand creation

Lead generation

Product/service launches

Digital Tactics:

  • Web site development
  • Videos
  • Interactive demos
  • Direct mail
  • Email blasts
  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Banner advertising campaigns
  • Search engine optimization

Print Tactics:

  • Brochures
  • Sales materials

In-person Tactics:

  • Trade-show design
  • Presentations
  • Events

During this process, you’ll be assigned a single point of contact and will be given login access to our extranet, so you can monitor the schedule and progress of our efforts. Along the way, we’ll be tracking trends and metrics, to see where and if any adjustment is needed.

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