There are two trends in web sites for life science companies – one bad, one good.

The first (bad) trend is to “say it all.” Scientists in particular want to say it all, thinking that if they could only describe the science completely, people would be sure to buy. But the tendency to “say it all” stems from a misunderstanding of the process that people go through as they buy, and the support people need in order to advance through the steps of purchasing. Rather than saying it all, you are much better off saying just enough to support people as they take the next step down the multi-stage path towards purchase.

The other (good) trend is to “give away your expertise.” When you post thought leadership content on your web site, your search engine optimization rankings go up, and it is easier for people to find you. Thought leadership also makes it easier for your prospects, once they do find you, to distinguish you from your competitors. Behaving in this way requires courage: “But if I give it away, won’t my competitors know exactly what we’re doing?” While the answer to that may be “yes,” true thought leaders are in greater demand, and charge higher prices than followers who lack the differentiation that thought leadership provides. If you’re looking for a company that offers great tech, support, security, and other IT services, check out this site out here.

The instincts of people who are untrained in marketing are to follow the first (bad) trend, and refuse to follow the second (good) trend. Sometimes, instincts can be just plain wrong.