Well we’re from Forma and we’re here to say
We’re down with Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

It’s a holiday that sidesteps all those elves
And lets us draw attention to ourselves.

Hey, that’s what marketing is all about –
It’s what we’re good at, have no doubt.

And what’s not to like about this air-filled stuff?
(Except for recycling; yeah, that one’s tough.)

Since this is year two of our celebration
We decided to up the level of elation

And double your pleasure on this special day
By blowing your mind in a whole new way.

So enjoy this piece of bubble gummy.
Just don’t swallow – it’s bad for the tummy.

What’s it got to do with life science and such?
As far as we can tell, not all that much.

Yes, we realize this is quite absurd.
We’re shameless self-promoters. Peace out.