Let’s face it, the basic tenets of marketing have remained the same, even though the technology we use to deliver it has changed.

The basic steps are simple:

  1. Identifying what makes your offering both important to your prospects and different from the competition.
  2. Articulating your message and brand character in a way that is seen by your prospects as believable and compelling.
  3. Testing this articulation to determine whether it is seen by your audience as important, believable and compelling enough to result in some change in belief or behavior.
  4. Promoting this to your audiences through a variety of methods, such as your web site, content marketing strategy, trade shows, email blasts, etc, etc.

The order is important: Positioning must come before Messaging. Messaging must come before Promotion.

You can do Testing at any time in the process, but the nature of the information you’ll get back from this research and the nature of the questions you ask will change dramatically depending upon when in the process you perform the research.