Lately there has been a lot of press expressing concern about the fact that the pharmaceutical industry runs on a blockbuster model. The stock prices of the major pharmaceuticals are taking hits because of the looming patent cliff. There is a great deal of pressure for pharmaceutical companies to amend the model…

Depending upon who you listen to, the savior for this lies in orphan drugs , or in personalized medicine, or in … or in ….

But you know what, isn’t the entire drug development chain built upon a blockbuster model? I’m not just talking about the DTC marketing of blockbuster drugs. Look at VCs (venture capitalists). They invest in dozens of companies, and hope to hit it big with all of them. If they don’t, they hope to hit it big with some of them. Just like Big Pharma; they are hoping for a blockbuster.

If the blockbuster model needs to be fixed for Pharma, does this fix need to be extended to the funding models also?