Here is an interesting test; one on which most life science companies won’t perform very well.

Gather all your branded marketing material in one room. This includes everything, your printed material, online material, ads, blog posts, pictures of your trade show booth, direct mail, email blasts, white papers, etc.

Then read it, all of it. You might think this tedious, but aren’t you producing this material with the expectation that your prospects will be reading it? Go ahead, sit and read. Pay attention; make notes.

Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • How consistent is the material? Start with the messages. Are you conveying the same basic story through all your materials, all the channels? Then move on to other attributes, such as the colors, the font choices, the images and the quality of execution. How consistent is this material?
  • Who is this really about? Does the material describe your company, or does it focus on your prospects and their pain?

If it is not about your prospects, and it is not consistent, how good a job do you think this material is doing for you?

There are plenty of marketing factors that we can’t control (social media comes to mind). But the consistency and focus of your own materials you can control. So do something about it.