There aren’t a lot of benchmarks in life science marketing.

For example, no one (that I know of) has researched the average bounce rate for (to pick just one business sector in the life sciences) all formulation companies by measuring the statistics for all the home pages in that one sector. Or measured the conversion rate for signing people up for webinars on PEGylation from competing companies.

While this data would be really interesting, it would be very, very difficult to determine.

And even if you could measure the data, you’d have to be careful to ensure that the companies

you included in the averages really did belong together. (For example, some formulation companies have a specialty in parenterals. Does that mean they should (or shouldn’t) be included with general formulation companies?)

And once you did address those two issues (both measuring the data and classifying the organizations) then you have to decide what you do with the information you get. If your bounce rate was better than average, would you stop trying to improve it?

Rather than focusing on just being better than average, you’ll get better results by focusing on continuous improvement.