I’ve been thinking about life science marketing checklists and wondering: What items are so important from a marketing perspective that they should appear on a checklist?

My goal is not to reduce a situation that calls for a high amount of tailored specificity (such as marketing in the life sciences) to a rote activity, because I don’t believe this is possible. Rather, I’m using this checklist idea to put the emphasis on fundamentals: what items are so crucially important that they shouldn’t ever be forgotten, whether you are starting a brand new marketing initiative (we’ve finally got the budget for a new website) or just extending an existing one (we need to get that next mailer out for the upcoming trade show)?

Well, one item that would be on my marketing checklist is this:

  • Segment your audiences.

Underlying this item is the idea that every firm in the life sciences has multiple audiences, including but not limited to: decision makers, decision influencers, budget allocators, technical advisors, customers, suppliers, the media, etc.

It is crucially important to understand your different audience segments – from their companies and titles, to their job responsibilities, their media consumption habits (in the broadest sense of the word “media”), and their motivations and aspirations.

What items would show up on YOUR marketing checklist?