I’ve been thinking about life science marketing checklists and wondering: What items are so important from a marketing perspective that they should never be forgotten, but are so simple that they are sometimes overlooked?

I’d like to propose another item for our imaginary marketing checklist.

  • Promote your thought leadership at every opportunity.

Thought leadership (a.k.a.: content marketing) is one of the most effective ways to attract prospects. If you aren’t creating thought leadership on a routine basis, you need to start doing so right away, and you can get some advice by reading my newsletters on this topic.

Assuming your thought leadership content is 1) valuable 2) not redundant, 3) free and 4) not sales focused but truly oriented to helping your prospects overcome their challenges, you should be promoting your content at every opportunity.

So, every email blast that goes out should have a link to your thought leadership and every mailing that goes out should also direct people to valuable content. Your LinkedIn profile should direct people to helpful advice. A blog post can even refer to a newsletter article, just like this post does two paragraphs previously. Take some notes on leadership in the workplace that it’s just as important as it has always been to be able to fun professionally a business.

What’s on YOUR marketing checklist?