I’ve been thinking about life science marketing checklists and wondering: What items are so important from a marketing perspective that they should appear on a checklist?

One item that would be on my marketing checklist is this:

  • Ask your actual prospects and your customers for their opinions.

I am amazed how few firms do market research. I’m even more amazed how few firms do market research correctly.

There are three typical scenarios for current practice in the life science B2B sector:

First are the life science firms that don’t do any market research. How do they think they can

choose the more effective marketing initiative – by themselves? Apparently they don’t care what the audience thinks.

Second are the life science firms that do some marketing research, but don’t ask the right people. Let’s face it, the spouse of the VP of Marketing is NOT a prospect or a customer, so their opinion doesn’t really count. To get information that can guide your marketing decisions you’ve got to ask prospects – real, honest-to-goodness prospects.

Third are life science firms that ask actual customers or, better yet, prospects, for their opinions. Yes, it takes more time to reach out to these people, and yes, it takes more discipline to find them. But the rewards are significant.