If you were going to create a checklist of important items, what items are so important that they would appear on your life science marketing checklist?

One item that would be on my marketing checklist is this:

  • Ensure the consistency of your messages, your tone and your image.

Consistency is crucial in marketing. Why? Because your audience is too distracted to really pay attention. Consistent messages make it easier to get your message through the marketing filters your prospects use every day.

Everyone has filters. Messages too loud? There’s a filter for that. Messages too slick? There’s a filter for that. Messages too unbelievable, too strident, too inappropriate? There are filters for all of those.

Consistency helps penetrate these filters. And consistency is the easiest way to ensure that every dollar in your marketing budget reinforces every other expenditure.

Consistency is hard to maintain. And yet consistency is almost free; all it takes is the will to ensure that your messages, your tone and your image are appropriately consistent over time.

There always seem to be “expedient” reasons to let consistency lapse. But if you look at the great examples of marketing, one consistent attribute is this: there is consistency in message, in tone and in image.