The internet has drastically reduced production and distribution costs. So much so that many newsletters or magazines have gone out of business or abandoned the business of distributing their content via ink on paper.

Internet distribution of content is all the rage. But in a classic case of the pendulum swinging back again, I predict we’ll start to see the resurgence of print, including direct mail.

Print is rare, and therefore noticed. Given all the email blasts that many people receive, a printed piece can actually stand out more than a typical email blast. Direct mail still has the power to reach people.

People still like to see their name in print. Print is still regarded as a more impressive credential than an online source.

The advent of any new media rarely tends to completely displace the media that came before. Radio did not replace billboards or magazines despite predictions that it would; it augmented them. TV did not replace radio despite predictions that it would; it augmented them. Similarly, print will not be replaced by the internet, despite predictions that it will.

Print will remain a key part of marketing.