Like any good marketing organization, we at Forma study our web traffic and metrics regularly (in our case, weekly). A few months back, we made what seemed like a remarkable discovery. The web page with the overwhelmingly highest level of traffic is one of the first newsletters I wrote and posted more than three years ago: Crafting a Clear, Effective Positioning Statement for Your Life Science Brand.

In more recent weeks, particularly as I’ve attended some industry trade shows and speaking engagements, I’m less surprised by the topic’s timeless intrigue. The life sciences sector characteristically struggles with poor positioning, in part since those responsible for the marketing effort have not had adequate training and lack a good understanding about the importance of positioning. And try as they might, organizational insiders can rarely identify and articulate the key differentiators for their products and services.

With the prevalence of the Internet and the exhaustive amount of information that vies for even a split second of attention from a customer prospect, proper positioning is critical for the success of any enterprise regardless of its size.

I have to wonder if the person who coined the phrase “it’s an oldie but a goodie” may themselves have been a marketing specialist. If you missed it on the first go-around, click here to read more.