In life science marketing our clients are almost always scientists of some sort. Scientists are smart, they have been trained in the scientific process, they make decisions based on data. So when they are forced to rely on their gut to make a decision they can freeze and enter what is commonly referred to as analysis paralysis..Never, ever stop, because getting started again is a huge pain in the ass

A lesser known corollary to Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion “ Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it” is “Never, ever stop, because getting started again is a huge pain in the ass” I am paraphrasing of course.  However, sometimes despite our best efforts our clients stall.

If you have a stalled client a great way to get them unstuck is to do some quick and inexpensive research to provide the data that could kickstart a project.  I am using the term data here rather loosely as quantitative studies are neither quick nor cheap.  However you can do some qualitative research very quickly and inexpensively.

Customer interviews are probably the least expensive research to perform as the client already has a relationship with the respondents.  The insights from this type of research are directional only, but that might be all that is needed in order reassure and restart a stalled client.  Always remind your client a good decision made now is better than the perfect decision made never.