In my last blog I mentioned that I recently had my sister and her two adorable twin boys stay with us. As I have been sinking my teeth into making Forma Life Science Marketing a major player in Ag-Bio marketing I remembered another very interesting insight from my family’s visit. My sister is an amazing chef; in fact, she has a thriving wedding cake business. Besides from producing stunning cakes her niche is highly organic cakes. So when she was with us and cooking up a storm, she strongly preferred organic ingredients.

OK, organic ingredients might cost most, but they are so much better for us than all that genetically modified stuff, right? Well, as I have been working to make Forma Life Science Marketing a major player in Ag-Bio Marketing there has been a good deal of learning in this sector and what we have discovered is shocking.

I have little doubt that my sister’s list of organic ingredients would have included anything that might have been a GMO. It is only as Forma Life Science Marketing is beginning to work in Ag-Bio marketing that I have learned that the O in GMO could stand for organic. Currently, marketing in this space has done such a good job vilifying the science that I never made the connection that genetically modified food is food. It has been created to flourish sans the synthetic fertilizers and pesticides; thereby making it fit within the definition organic.

Consider my mind blown. Even more important is that some GMO’s have tremendous health benefits. Take for example Golden Rice. The name alone makes it sound tasty. Golden Rice is rice bio-fortified, or “genetically modified” with vitamin A. In developing nations, vitamin A deficiency causes millions of children to go blind or die painful deaths. This rice should be a godsend, but it sits on the shelf because people are afraid of the science.

Complex and confusing stories like this one are why Forma Life Science Marketing is ideally positioned to be the best Ag-Bio Marketing firm. Forma Life Science Marketing has been making the complex compelling for over 25 years now. Imagine how differently Monsanto would be perceived if Forma Life Science Marketing had been crafting their message.