I just spent the week with my twin two-year-old nephews. Needless to say, I am exhausted. However, it is a different exhaustion than I expected.

I had expected to be physically exhausted from chasing them around and preventing them from hurting themselves. Instead, I am exhausted from keeping up with their curious minds and can do attitudes. After carefully observing these adorable little hellions I saw a pretty consistent pattern develop. With very few exceptions, I saw they would set their sights on something, try to obtain what they wanted once, maybe twice on their own and then they would “ask for help”. True their asking for help was often in the form of a high pitched scream, but that aside what they were doing was inspiring.

It was the fact that they just went for what they wanted that impressed me so much. Here at Forma Life Science Marketing we deal with primarily with scientists. We have become accustomed to spending a good deal of time analyzing the situation before we act. What would happen if we just went for it?

Just do it. It’s not a new idea. In fact, a very famous athletic company uses that exact phrase as their tagline. Yet the simplicity of the phrase undermines how hard it is just to do something. Personally, I know I want to gather all the relevant data, learn everything I can, lay out a plan and only then when I feel completely prepared do I start.

I have recently started transitioning into a more sales based role here at Forma Life Science Marketing. One of the sectors I am tasked with is helping Forma Life Science Marketing expand their presence in is Ag-Bio. Forma Life Science Marketing has done a little work with Ag-Bio but we want to do more. Forma Life Science Marketing has the experience and the expertise to be the best Ag-Bio marketing firm out there. We are not a major player in that space just because we have not gone for it.

So this is what Forma Life Science Marketing will now be doing. We will be going for it. Forma Life Science Marketing can help Ag-Bio firms differentiate and increase their revenue numbers. We won’t always have the right answer immediately, but we are a group of smart people who can figure it out. Every Ag-Bio firm won’t be a fit for Forma Life Science Marketing but some will.

When all else fails, I will remember my nephews trying to reach their apple juice on the counter. They never even considered the possibility that they would not get their apple juice. From them, I know somehow, someway I will get that cup…only mine will most likely be filled with adult grape juice ;-)