I am a runner. At least that is what I want to be. I am actually in training for my first official run, a 5K.
I have taken a very holistic approach to running. In terms of equipment, I got two pairs of good running shoes, as experts say it is important to vary your running shoes. I got new running clothes, light reflective and moisture wicking. I even have a run day hydration and fueling strategy. I really should have been all set.

The good news is I am getting through my runs easier; the key is just go slow and save your energy, but I am sorer the next day. Sore might not even be the exact right description as my joints hurt more than my muscles. I have never been averse to taking OTC pain meds, but here they don’t seem to help much here and there are known side effects, so I have been looking at other options.

Through my work at Forma Life Science Marketing, I have become decently versed in organic and natural agriculture, so I have filtered much of my joint research through that lens. The internet is filled with supplements promising to relieve joint pain. Glucosamine and SAMe have a good deal of research behind them which at best seems to indicate questionable results.

There are alternative options that seem to be growing in popularity. Green tea is rumored to be almost magical in terms of what it can cure. Because of green tea’s inherent anti-inflammatory properties there could be some benefits for joint health as well.

There are other medicinal herbs that claim to cure or lessen the underlying causes of joint pain as well as alleviate the resulting pain.

This is truly one of those situations where the more research you do, the more confused you become. I have decided the best plan for me is to pace the progression of my training and add in the lowest cost items first, such as Green Tea. I have also found increasing my hydration levels with fluids rich in antioxidants, such as Pinot Noir to be exceptionally effective in terms of reducing my discomfort, or at least the amount I care about my discomfort. Cheers!