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Archetypes in life science marketing: pay attention to the dark side

Let’s explore the dark side of archetypes a bit and look at how we can use our awareness of an archetype’s “shadow” to help us stay out of trouble. We’ll begin by looking at two consumer brands not in the life sciences, but with clear archetypes: Volkswagen, the Child, and Dyson, the (idealistic) Innovator. As [...]

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For Life Science Marketing, what matters is what’s inside (the can)

Polar bears relaxing on the ice around a campfire, gazing at the stars and drinking a… https://youtu.be/S2nBBMbjS8w Anyone who’s watched TV at all over the last decade or so, knows they’re drinking a Coke. It’s easy to see and understand archetypes when looking at big consumer brands like Coke and Pepsi — they have [...]

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It’s all about the “But” in Life Science Marketing

– Third, and final, in a series – In the first post in this series I talked about how most life science marketing stinks due to the scientists’ need for Clarity and completeness. I also introduced the idea that most effective communication in life science marketing can be boiled down to living somewhere on the Clarity [...]

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