Maximizing employee alignment and engagement (through archetypes) in life sciences. Part 1 of 3.

In this first of three issues I examine how to help your employees align their behaviors with your life science organization’s mission by using archetypes. Alignment is a topic that will be receiving lots of attention in the next several years, and archetypes provide an excellent vehicle for creating this alignment. I begin with a bold declaration about the worth of your mission statement.

10 situations in which archetypes give you a distinct sales advantage in the life sciences, biotech and drug development.

Summary: In this issue I examine ten specific situations where archetypes can help the sales process. If your organization has chosen an archetype wisely and trained employees on the proper use of archetypes, the results can drive increased engagement with audiences and lead to increased sales. I’ll begin with a brief review.

Bringing archetypes to life to drive sales in life science marketing.

Archetypes have four main roles within the context of an organization’s life science sales and marketing activities. Several of these roles (alignment and communication) apply inside an organization and several (communication, resonance and differentiation) apply externally. In this issue, I’ll examine each role in turn and show how these roles support sales and marketing success in life science and biotech organizations.