Chapin presenting at Chiltern Symposium June 4, signing books at BIO 2015 June 16

Since releasing his first book last December, David Chapin, CEO of Forma Life Science Marketing and author of Making the Complex Compelling: Creating High-Performance Marketing in the Life Sciences, has presented at four programs since January and is gearing up for two more events in the next two weeks. Click here for more details.

Virginia life science KOPs welcome David Chapin

Charlottesville, VA – February 26, 2015 - David Chapin, author and CEO of Forma Life Science Marketing based in Research Triangle Park, NC, will present at two industry gatherings in Charlottesville, VA on Thursday, April 2. Indoor Biotechnologies, a locally based global manufacturer of biologics for allergy and asthma, is organizing Chapin’s appearances. Dozens of [...]

Announcing the release of the new book: Making the Complex Compelling—Creating High Performance Marketing in the Life Sciences, now available from Rockbench Press.

This whitepaper is a free copy of Chapter 7: Positioning—Your Marketing DNA from Making the Complex Compelling—Creating High Performance Marketing in the Life Sciences, now available from Rockbench Publishing. This book provides detailed guidance on how to create high performance marketing that is focused specifically on the nature and needs of the life sciences marketplace. Making the Complex Compelling lays out a clear vision and step-by-step process for creating compelling marketing, with components that all work together and reinforce each other—from your unique value proposition, to an effective brand-story, to content marketing and marketing automation—all to drive engagement, interest, traffic, leads, and sales. Judging from the questions I’ve received and our web traffic over the years, positioning is a topic that fascinates many of you. In honor of the book’s release, this newsletter is a free copy of Chapter 7 from the book. This chapter is titled Positioning—Your Marketing DNA. It has been slightly edited and I hope this serves you well.

David Chapin: Best Life Science Marketing Consultant

It was an exciting Thursday last week when the Forma team gathered for Research Triangle Park's first Life Sciences Awards. David was hailed as RTP’s Best Life Science Marketing Consultant for his specialized expertise in the promotion and success of life science organizations -- namely through strategic differentiation, positioning, messaging, and branding. Sponsored by the [...]

North Carolina biotech base takes a stage at BIO 2013

This Monday, the Biotechnology Industry Organization kicks off its 20th BIO International Convention in Chicago, the world’s largest event for the biotech industry. As part of its 25th anniversary in delivering life science marketing services, Forma is among the 58 partners in North Carolina Pavilion #2617. The pavilion was organized by North Carolina Biotechnology Center [...]

Maximize Your Life Science Trade Show

Marty Fitzgerald, Director of Business Development We’re at the CED Life Science Conference 2013 today and tomorrow, which brings to mind two of our past newsletters that focused on maximizing the life science trade show experience. I attended a show with a client last year and had the chance to visit a few [...]

Differentiation, Content Marketing as Business Tools

In the life sciences, particularly among CROs, poor differentiation is the cause of many common marketing ills. But once meaningful differentiation has been established, content marketing is the perfect vehicle to reach your target audience. David Chapin is taking this message and others to ExL Pharma's 4th Annual Business Development Strategies for Clinical Trials Service Providers Summit [...]