Still thinking about a marketing resolution for 2018? I recommend this one.

As we begin 2018, there’s one marketing resolution I wish you’d make. Make this marketing resolution, then actually implement it, and you’ll change the trajectory of your marketing efforts—you’ll gain clarity and make a positive difference on all your marketing activities throughout the year. This marketing resolution has three parts. But to understand it, you [...]

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When life science market research becomes a game of Go Fish

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at Did you play Go Fish growing up? It’s a great card game for kids because the rules are simple. The goal is to collect pairs of cards to lay down on the table. If you need an “8,” you ask for it, and the next player has [...]

Is it time to rebrand your life science organization, product, or service? Part six: The rebranding process (steps 6-10).

In this issue, I complete my examination of the process of rebranding. I’ll outline the last 5 steps in the rebranding process, and discuss the importance of introducing your new position and brand-story to your internal and external life science marketing audiences.