Touchpoints: 10 tips for Life Science Marketers

Today’s life science marketers use ‘touchpoints’ to position their organization and communicate about its brand.  To make marketing more effective, there are 10 key aspects about touchpoints that you must understand. All touchpoints are audience-focused, but their importance varies by industry, company, and audience. Not all can convey the same message, and there are some [...]

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Heard first at CED: Marketing for Entrepreneurs

The Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) is the southeast’s largest entrepreneurial support organization and based right next-door in the Research Triangle Park. Recently, I spent some time with CED's Jason H. Parker and he's chronicling our conversation in a series of posts on their Start Something Blog through the Winter Holidays. Check out his first [...]

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Testing the waters with Content Marketing

It seems like everyone's talking about content marketing these days. Why? And what is it? The basic premise of content marketing is that, by readily and freely sharing information that an audience finds useful and relevant, they'll be encouraged to respond with trust by giving you the opportunity to engage in dialogue. All this enhances [...]

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