Culture eats strategy for breakfast – Part 2

Culture eats strategy for breakfast – Part 2 Recent research we conducted with life science companies shows that leaders in the life sciences believe they establish corporate culture, but they do little to document this culture in a way that lasts once they leave the room. In this issue, I reveal several other surprising insights [...]

How Can You Add Value by Moving to Solution Selling?

Your customers don’t really care about your scientific instruments, even though they spend lots of money on them. That’s a bold statement, but I’ll show you why it’s true. So, what do they really care about, and how can you turn that into profit? The ideas I’m discussing in this issue apply very broadly; they certainly have application to other life science products and services beyond instruments, but they show up most clearly in the sale of scientific instruments, so that’s where I’ll start.

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Life Science Case Study Structure: The Optimum Solution

The perfect life science case study structure is clear. In spite of this, many case studies don't include one or more of the seven components necessary for maximum effectiveness. In this issue I'll discuss these seven components and their proper order. I'll also reveal how the focus of your case study (the overlap of your Unique Value and your Approach) can be tuned throughout your case study to increase audience engagement. 

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