Storytelling in life science marketing: Story Purpose and the And-But-Therefore Format

Some stories are sticky. They remain in our minds for years, sometimes decades. How can we create life science marketing messages that stick? The answer is to embed the message into a story with the right structure. In this issue, I’ll decode the secret to the structure that makes stories sticky.

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Storytelling in life science marketing: The purposes of stories.

How can we create stories that stick? This is a crucial question for life science marketers. To understand how to create stories that stick we need to start with this question: What purposes do stories serve? The answers to this question will give us clues we can use to create a system for creating sticky stories.

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Telling a Life Science Marketing Story

In this issue I’ll explore the fascinating intersection of storytelling and life science marketing. Storytelling is one of the most durable forms of communication. Stories are the original form of memory, of history and of fact transmission. Now, when people with scientific training hear the word “storytelling,” they often think of campfires and ghost stories. But that’s an overly narrow view; storytelling actually has a lot to teach life science marketers about the most effective way to create communications that stick.

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