Using Life Science Company Explainer Videos the Right Way

There’s no denying that life science company explainer videos are powerful marketing tools. These short videos (typically found on the homepage of a company website) communicate the specific problem your company can solve, and highlights the process you use to do it. So instead of great big wall of text, site visitors are instead treated [...]

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Life Science Case Study Structure: The Optimum Solution

The perfect life science case study structure is clear. In spite of this, many case studies don't include one or more of the seven components necessary for maximum effectiveness. In this issue I'll discuss these seven components and their proper order. I'll also reveal how the focus of your case study (the overlap of your Unique Value and your Approach) can be tuned throughout your case study to increase audience engagement. 

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How to write an effective life science case study Part 2: Let go of the details

Your life science case study can work wonders: it can inspire or reassure prospects who are on the path to purchasing your products or services. But it must be well designed—the right length, the right amount of detail, the right contents and the right structure. Many organizations use their peer-reviewed journal articles as a substitute for their case studies. This is a bad decision with disastrous consequences, and I'll explore why in this issue. 

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