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Predictions for the future of life science marketing

I recently returned from a couple of life science conferences: the Bourne Partners Executive Summit and the fourth annual ACP-LS, a conference dedicated to marketing (and sales) in the life sciences. These types of conferences often take a look into the future. In this issue, I’ll be reporting on some of what I learned at these life science conferences—and I’ll be making some of my own predictions for the future, drawing on the wisdom of crowds. 

Common Marketing Errors (Part 2)

Having worked in the life sciences for more than two decades, we have seen a number of marketing errors commonly made by life science companies. As a follow-up to last month’s article about strategic errors, this month we’ll discuss some widespread tactical errors and provide suggestions about how to both identify and address them.

Maximizing your life science trade show experience (Part 1)

Trade shows are a unique opportunity to connect with others in your industry. Yet all too often, companies waste these opportunities. This article (the first of two), covers trade show trends, and how to prepare for a trade show. The next in the series will cover the design of your booth itself and your behavior at the show.