Predictions for the future of life science marketing

I recently returned from a couple of life science conferences: the Bourne Partners Executive Summit and the fourth annual ACP-LS, a conference dedicated to marketing (and sales) in the life sciences. These types of conferences often take a look into the future. In this issue, I’ll be reporting on some of what I learned at these life science conferences—and I’ll be making some of my own predictions for the future, drawing on the wisdom of crowds. 

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Tips for a Sucessful Trade Show

For companies large or small, trade shows are effective marketing and sales tools. According to CEIR, meeting a prospect at a trade show versus in the field saves an organization an average of $943. So how can you make sure that your trade show attendance is producing impressive results for your company? Here are some tips to [...]

Common Marketing Errors (Part 2)

Having worked in the life sciences for more than two decades, we have seen a number of marketing errors commonly made by life science companies. As a follow-up to last month’s article about strategic errors, this month we’ll discuss some widespread tactical errors and provide suggestions about how to both identify and address them.