Interactive marketing?
It’s really about engaging content.

The lure of interactive marketing is strong: you have the ability to reach out to every audience at any time and deliver intriguing, attention-getting content. (And the ability to listen to what those audiences have to say about it.)

The biggest challenge is hiding in plain sight: the intriguing, attention-getting content. Turning interactive marketing from a swell idea into a hardworking lead generation and nurturing machine demands a steady stream of content that offers real value for the reader.

White papers, videos, blogs, Twitter feeds, web sites; they can all be great channels. But if you don’t have something to fill those channels on a regular, ongoing basis, they’re simply going to waste. And when we say “fill,” we don’t mean any-old-thing-you-have-lying-around. There’s too much of that on the web already. What’s needed is insightful, original content.

That’s where Forma comes in, as much or as little as you need. We can help you establish a content calendar; identify promising content topics; turn notes from your scientists into compelling stories; interview employees to generate content — whatever it takes to feed your interactive marketing machine.