Life science trade shows and events,
for fun and profit.

Mounting a presence at a trade show or hosting a dinner for clients or bringing together the entire national sales team for a training session — a lot has to go into each one to make sure it comes off just right, leaving attendees feeling good about the time they spent and ready to engage further, so getting the best music and decoration is essential for this, and you can get table and chair covers to make any event look more professional.

The devil in life science trade shows and events can show up in the details — preshow email campaigns, food allergies, AV equipment — but it’s equally crucial to keep an eye on the big picture.

Does your booth clearly exemplify your personality and position? Is the location a place where your archetype would be seen? Are you empowering your internal audience to faithfully represent you to your customers and prospects?

At Forma, we know that thinking about and planning for life science trade shows and events as an integral part of your overall marketing plan makes your messaging more powerful, your events more effective — and your results that much more impressive.