The truth about life science website design.

Life science website design is, at least the way we do it at Forma, not primarily about design at all.

Yes, we’ll make sure your website looks great. No worries there. But it’s much more important to make sure that the thinking behind your website is sound — that it clearly illuminates your position and reflects your organization’s personality. That it’s targeted toward the proper audiences and written to draw the right people to it in the first place. That it’s organized to encourage engagement and structured to compel very specific actions.

That it is, in other words, an integral part of your overall sales and marketing strategy.

We’re not trying to talk you out of a life science website design project. But we would like you to realize that it can — and should — be so much more. (Like, for instance, a lead-generating inbound marketing machine.) And when it is, that it can make your marketing efforts so much more effective.