Harnessing Archetypal Patterns to Improve Employee Alignment

One of the surprising benefits of using archetypes is that when properly applied, they can dramatically improve employee alignment and team performance. How? In this issue, I unpack the specific nature of archetypal patterns and dig into research which reveals that these patterns are not identical from one person to the next.

Employee Turnover (and Marketing)

Why am I (an expert in the field of life science marketing) writing about employee turnover? Because the two are intimately connected. I’ll lay out the case here and in upcoming issues.

The Power of Tone of Voice in Life Science Marketing – Part 7

Tone of voice (and the archetypes that can help define and guide it) is a powerful tool for differentiating an organization and a set of offerings. Given its power, it’s surprisingly underutilized by life science organizations. Keep in mind, however, that like all tools it can be powerful when used correctly—and cause significant problems when used without care. Since the team at Forma has been deeply involved in using tone of voice and archetypes as part of our marketing toolkit for several years now, I’d like to offer a few cautions.

The Power of Tone of Voice in Life Science Marketing – Part 6

Tone of voice is a powerful tool for differentiating your life science offerings. In the previous issue, I discussed the need for consistency. Since every employee has the potential to be a brand ambassador, ensuring consistency means aligning all employees around a single tone of voice.


Busted! Examining 5 Myths About Coronavirus Cases

As coronavirus cases begin to spike to record levels in America, dangerous theories and misinformation are also on the rise. As members of the life science industry, the Forma team is dedicated to the continued education regarding the current pandemic. While this post may have little to do with marketing, we feel that we have […]

Choosing a Name for Your Life Science Company

Choosing a name for a life science company, product or service can be difficult. Any choice will generate a strong, almost instantaneous response, carry great emotional weight and (ideally) last a long time. How do you choose a name while avoiding the emotional rollercoaster that such choices often bring? In this post, we’ll outline several […]

3 Keys to Crafting Stellar Sales Emails

Sales emails are powerful tools for raising awareness about your brand and compelling your prospects to engage with your business. But how can you be sure your recipients are going to respond? Or even open the emails in the first place? Crafting effective sales emails is equal parts art and science. There are hundreds of […]