Consistent messaging can be a true differentiator.

First things first: We come not to praise the word “brand,” but to bury it.

For people who are supposedly experts at consistent messaging, marketers have done a terrible job defining what a brand actually is. (There are at least four mutually exclusive definitions, which we’ve worked diligently to detangle here.)

That’s why at Forma we prefer to talk about the molecule of marketing — the smallest identifiable element that carries all the essentials of your brand’s* DNA. Things such as your logo and graphic standards, your core positioning language and your archetype. (Archetype?)

Our proprietary process — built around the Forma Marketing Mechanism of Action —enables you to analyze your DNA, extract the key elements, and then express yourself clearly across all of your touchpoints. (Touchpoints?) And, not so incidentally, make sure that the consistent messaging you’re expressing is relevant, important, believable and compelling to your audiences.

Ready to find out who you really are? Here’s the kind of rewards you can look forward to.