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1 + 1 = 1

Life science mergers and acquisitions.

Bringing together two (or more) product lines, cultures, SOPs and mindsets can have great rewards. And, not surprisingly, inherent risks.

Forma has a lot of experience guiding leadership teams through life science mergers and acquisitions. We’ve developed tools to make sure all the important voices are heard, all of the relevant input is weighed and all of the realistic options are considered.

And those options go well beyond just deciding on a name. (Yours? Theirs? Something fresh and new?)

From the big strategic questions — How do these brands relate? Do the existing positions make sense? — to key tactical considerations — What’s the right rollout schedule? What, if any, existing marketing materials are worth keeping? — we’ll make sure you focus on the essentials. And since life science mergers and acquisitions are all about putting the single best face forward to internal and external audiences alike, we’ll help you lay the groundwork for a successful (re)launch from the inside out.

Want to be better together? See how it’s done.