Enriching client management through marketing automation.

CRM and marketing automation are great buzzwords. But at Forma we prefer to focus on the real value these tools deliver: enhanced management of prospects, and improved relationships with customers.

This goes well beyond having a spreadsheet to track outgoing emails. It encompasses accurate reporting and clear accountability. And audience segmentation and long-term planning. And refining your messages while reinforcing your unique position.

Done right (the way we do it), it begins with a diagnostic analysis of your situation and development of a strategy that guides every automated and real-time decision. It continues as you, or you and Forma together, create content that nurtures clients through the four stages of the buying cycle. It stays top-of-mind through ongoing oversight, data analysis and fine-tuning. Ultimately, it can lead to better decision-making, increased awareness and higher sales.

Yes, that’s saying a lot. And it can take some time to get there, navigating a multifaceted process that brings together technology, strategy and content. Forma can help you take the first, and most important, steps. And then follow those up with targeted campaigns that drive measurable results.