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Train, train, train.

For nearly 30 years, the team at Forma has provided strategic and tactical sales and marketing expertise in the life sciences. They have a keen understanding of scientific and medical concepts and a proven ability to translate them in ways that improve sales and marketing performance.

Is your team’s performance suffering? Are you missing key performance milestones?
Contact Forma about developing a customized training event or entire regimen that will invigorate and challenge your team to achieve their maximum performance.

We train diverse audiences — from C-Suite executives and researchers to directors and managers — to maximize their performance.

  • Sales Training and Enablement — Increase your team’s performance with customized training: expert questioning, objections, negotiations, closing, etc.
  • Archetypes — Get up to speed on this new and very effective tool for defining your brand strategy and marketing touchpoints to increase sales and margins.
  • Engagement, Alignment and Retention of Employees — Learn how to enhance employees’ commitment by empowering them to own your brand.
  • Misalignment Between Sales and Marketing — Sales and marketing that aren’t in sync hamper performance; find out how to fix this widespread problem.
  • Content Marketing — Discover the importance of generating engaging content, and developing a strategy designed to nurture your audiences.
  • Communicating Technical Information Effectively — Can the scientific worldview get in the way of compelling engagement? Examine the data and develop your team’s skills.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions — When organizations come together, teams and brands can collide. Learn how to create a practical, effective path toward unity.
  • Creating High-Performance Sales and Marketing — Discover the key elements of the buying process, and learn how to drive sales and marketing success.
  • Inbound Marketing — Explore the five essential components which, once mastered, will propel your efforts to generate maximum results.