A recent deal between Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline and Ely Lilly shows where the life science industry is headed: Specialization. Novartis is moving exclusively to Oncology drugs, GSK to vaccines and Lilly to animal drugs.

Differentiating yourself from your competition is how to grow sales and market share. Specializing is one way to differentiate. But what if you aren’t a specialist? You need to determine what your position should be in your market – what you have that will allow you to compete most effectively. Our whitepaper on positioning will get you started.

An effective way of differentiating your company through positioning is to employ archetypes. Archetypes embody a set of qualities, characteristics and values that are instantly understood and efficiently communicated. They also help you get to the essence of what it is that makes your company and its offerings unique – your unique value proposition. By identifying your company’s archetype, you can establish a core around which your marketing messages can coalesce. That, in turn, will help you keep your message and branding efforts focused, consistent and powerful.

If you want to learn more, see our whitepaper about using archetypes to differentiate your company.