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Employee and Team Alignment

We help you cultivate an environment of trust and commitment throughout all levels of your organization


At Forma, we’ve pioneered the use of archetypes in the life sciences to promote employee alignment within our clients’ organizations. We’ve seen that archetypes are a powerful way to help employees understand high-level objectives and values — and to give them a sense of ownership so they’ll remember and apply those objectives and values in the course of their daily routines.

Your most important audience is standing right in front of you. Effective employee training can ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction.

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  • We start with the archetype of your company. Are you a Detective? A Trailblazer? A Sage? Whichever archetypal pattern aligns with your brand will be instrumental in guiding your team.

  • Our strategists then commence alignment training to guarantee every employee is committed to the same principles and goals.

  • We offer continued support once training is complete to assure a unified vision throughout your company for the future.

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