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About Forma

Forma was founded in 1987, and we’ve spent decades developing effective brand strategies and executing digital marketing initiatives for life science companies.

Who We Are

We’re a team of marketing strategists helping life science brands differentiate themselves, align internal teams, expand their digital footprint, and grow their business.

Forma is based in Raleigh, NC and we work with both domestic and international clients. Our team has been recognized for numerous achievements, including Best Life Science Consultant in Triangle Business Journal’s 2013 Life Sciences Awards, and we’ve been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Life Science Leader, and Medical Marketing & Media.

Forma works with some of the biggest brands, research organizations, and CEOs in the life science market, but we also support growing startups and medium-sized businesses that are seeking to achieve their marketing and sales targets.

Forma takes a client-first approach to marketing. We begin every project with a simple question: how can we help our clients achieve their goals? Our dedication to our customers drives everything we do, from delivering superior tactical work to providing data-driven marketing strategies that will engage your target audience and drive growth for years to come.

Who We Are

The Forma Team

Our team of strategists not only address immediate threats, but also anticipate future challenges in order to safeguard your brand against the unpredictable future. We build purposeful, agile strategies that are proven to align your brand from within and without, all while safeguarding your business against an unpredictable future.

Our team is comprised of full-stack marketers, expert strategists, and talented designers who pride themselves on helping your life science brand reach its maximum potential.

David Chapin | Founder, CEO

Archetype: The Sage

For nearly 30 years, David has provided strategic and tactical life science marketing expertise in the pre-clinical and clinical research, drug development, medical device and life science sectors. He has a keen understanding of scientific and medical concepts and a proven ability to translate them in ways that improve sales and marketing alignment and that can be applied to communications of all types, including lead generation campaigns, content marketing, and other thought leadership initiatives, websites, videos, brochures, and more.

Keith Weaver | Vice President, Business Strategist

Archetype: The Judge

Keith brings his 30+ years of experience in guiding businesses to success and growth. His background is in professional education, management, and economics.

At Forma, Keith is a chief strategist who shapes our strategic and tactical offerings so that our partnerships always reach their maximum potential.

Amanda Jackson | Director of Creative Services

Archetype: The Creator

As Forma’s aesthetic brain, Amanda balances a passion for branding, creative problem solving, big picture thinking and attention to detail. Her work has been focused on helping life science companies make the complex simple and creating innovative solutions that exceed the obvious and create the exceptional.

Amanda is versed in design and development in all aspects of touchpoint collateral, including websites, corporate identities and logos, brochures and printed materials, and infographics.

Katie Garrett | Director of Account Management

Archetype: The Protector

Katie brings over 11 years of combined experience in marketing, sales, and project management to the Forma team. In the life science industry, she is experienced in working with a range of companies including CROs, CDMOS, and other life science service providers.  

Whether it is managing a website design overhaul or providing strategic direction and insight for a positioning project, Katie enjoys building collaborative relationships between clients and the Forma team.

Kim Corgan, RN, BSN | Account Manager

Archetype: The Communicator

Kim is one of Forma’s account managers, leveraging her decades of experience in marketing and healthcare to best serve our clients. Kim enjoys building strong relationships that help deliver timely and successful results no matter the size of the project.

Kim has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 daughters.

Tiffany Raczkowski | Account Manager

Archetype: The Networker

Tiffany has over 15 years of experience leading marketing, account management, event planning and business development efforts for many companies in many industries.

Building meaningful relationships with customers is what she does best and what gives her joy. Tiffany is energetic, motivated, and a team-player. Her approach with her customers is to be their trusted advisor and help them achieve what’s best for both their short and long term vision. Her passion for marketing and helping businesses grow is what led her to Forma.

Outside of her passion for marketing and communications, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her husband, son and two labradors.

Jordan Eller | Digital Marketing Director

Archetype: The Wizard

Jordan is Forma’s full-stack digital marketing manager. He uses an interdisciplinary set of skills to deliver data-driven solutions and superior results to Forma’s clients. With a background in marketing and technology, Jordan’s knowledge of web development, content marketing, inbound strategy, email outreach, and search engine optimization has helped dozens of clients achieve unprecedented growth and expand their digital footprint.

In his downtime, he enjoys teaching piano and guitar to students around the Raleigh area.

Josh Fraimow | Chief Strategist

Archetype: The Provocateur

Josh is a strategic advisor to both Forma and our clients. He leverages his 20+ years in the life science and healthcare industries to deliver powerful, proven results. His innovative approach to messaging, positioning, and content marketing has resulted in dozens of client victories and unprecedented growth.

Leslie Williams | Strategist & Copywriter

Archetype: The Maverick

Leslie has worked in the life science industry for more than 25 years, and she capitalizes on her experience to create engaging and inspiring marketing content for Forma clients. Leslie likes to do things a bit differently, using her unique perspective to develop powerful, relevant, and on-point content that fuels client success. By leveraging her diverse background, ranging from the clinical laboratory to medical device marketing and regulatory affairs, Leslie has empowered a variety of life science companies to find their brand voice and stand out in a crowded field.

In her spare time, Leslie travels the Northeast in her camper and serves as a volunteer firefighter and advanced EMT in New Hampshire.

Caleigh Findley, PhD | Science Writer

Archetype: The Explorer

Caleigh is a writer and former scientist with nearly a decade of academic research experience in neuroscience. Her work has been featured in Science Unsealed, ASBMB Today, Talking About Men’s Health, and BioSpace. She specializes in generating thoughtful content marketing to educate the general public, patients, and key stakeholders on disease awareness and product knowledge.

In her downtime, she enjoys exploring the Colorado mountains around her home and trying new recipes.

Christina Haviland | Science Writer

Archetype: The Magician-Creator

Chris is a scientist and a writer who helps Forma clients with their marketing and thought leadership endeavors. Chris spent 20+ years in life science research, toxicology, and risk assessment. During that time, she also honed her innate love of writing into a formidable science communication tool.

Chris now combines her science knowledge and writing expertise to help science-based organizations succeed and grow with content that is spot-on for their target audience. She has deep experience writing white papers, articles, and other content for the life sciences, biotechnology, analytical instrumentation, science education, and more.

When she’s not writing, you will find Chris in her garden, with her horses, reading, and spending time with loved ones.

Chad Seay | Website Development

Archetype: The Engineer

Chad is Forma’s website design and development guru. He prides himself on delivering superior results in record time, and has experience across a wide variety of programming languages and content management systems.

In his downtime, he enjoys composing music and spending time with his family.

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