Case Study – Agilent

New positioning and unique sales tools helped Agilent solution-sell in an increasingly competitive market

  • Positioning

  • Messaging

  • Archetype Development

  • Advertising

Agilent is a manufacturer of a wide range of equipment used in many industries, including drug discovery and development, food and water safety, and petrochemicals and energy.

Agilent had a diverse suite of software solutions, some “home-grown” and some acquired, enabling users and lab managers to link the data from individual instruments to larger data sets with the organization.

Forma was hired to help make sense of this diverse offering. Our research revealed significant confusion about many issues, including what the organization stood for, and what the capabilities of the software actually were.

Forma’s proprietary diagnostic processes revealed a host of problems. We addressed these by creating a unique position and selecting an archetype to help Agilent differentiate themselves from their competitors. Forma developed a new design style, and developed an illustration that can be animated to reveal the vast capabilities of the software, and the many business sectors in which it can be used. Several campaigns used this illustration to drive awareness of the unique features of Agilent’s software. Forma’s solution addressed four high-level sales and marketing needs simultaneously: clarity, engagement, alignment and flexibility. We developed a message structure and a diagram to clearly depict the OpenLAB suite, speak to its audiences and markets and, most importantly, explain the benefits of using OpenLAB. We also gave Agilent the tools to tailor this message to individual situations, depending upon sector, channel and market.


Agilent has achieved significant traction against their competitors. They have returned to us again and again to extend this campaign, leading to deeper penetration in the marketplace.

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