Project Description



Chiltern is one of the world’s largest CROs. They were well known in Europe, but not as well known in North America. They bought a CRO in North America, and this gave them several advantages, including an expanded global presence, and a presence in a hot therapeutic area, oncology.

Chiltern was planning for additional expansion, and asked for “A committed, differentiating position for Chiltern. Refresh a stagnant brand. Resonate with a global audience, but with particular concern for increasing market awareness for US.”


Forma’s proprietary diagnostic processes revealed the depth of the challenges facing Chiltern across their different business segments, including Oncology, Clinical Trial Solutions and Staffing. To address these, we created a unique position and selected an archetype to help differentiate Chiltern from their competitors, both in strategy and tactics. We developed the tagline, “Designed Around You” to highlight the personal care Chiltern brings to each and every engagement.


Chiltern has achieved significant traction against their competitors, and the work we have done has set the stage for continued expansion. As they have acquired other CROs worldwide, they have maintained a consistent brand and message.