Case Study – CTMG

Creating true differentiation and improving a cumbersome sales processes for CMTG leads to A 292% increase in revenue

ctmg brand before after
  • Positioning

  • Messaging

  • Archetype

  • Content Marketing
  • Corporate Identity

CTMG is a clinical research organization with a unique process of identifying, recruiting and retaining patients for clinical trials. CTMG was having significant trouble getting sales traction.

Forma used our proprietary diagnostic processes to analyze the company, the culture and the sales process. We analyzed the competition and talked to customers and prospects. Based on all this, we were able to identify many areas for improvement.

To address these, we developed a unique position and a unique archetype to support that position in order to create both clear differentiation and internal alignment. We then translated this into clear messaging and unique imagery. We used these tools to assist CTMG revamp their sales process, including their sales presentation. We also developed a new website and sales brochures.

We thought our superior data quality, lower costs, and rapid clinical trial completion metrics would be sufficient to capture at least a portion of this market. We were wrong.

Forma developed a plan to identify the barriers within the pharmaceutical industry that prevented our solution from being adopted. They worked with us to gather important input from target pharmaceutical leaders, and crafted effective communication and methods to rapidly break down these barriers.  

Within less than six months, Forma’s comprehensive approach has enabled our company to successfully contract with multiple pharmaceutical clients on mutually beneficial terms.

Forma Life Science Marketing gave my company precisely what they said they would—making our complex value proposition compelling.”

anton usalaAnton Usala, CEO, CTMG


CTMG saw significant revenue increases of 292% in one year using their new system. CTMG continues to grow and has seen success in many sales and marketing initiatives.

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