Project Description



CTMG is a clinical research organization with a unique process of identifying, recruiting and retaining patients for clinical trials. CTMG was having significant trouble getting sales traction.


Forma analyzed the entire sales process and identified several areas for improvement. Through our proprietary tools, we gained a thorough understanding of CTMG’s culture and developed messaging and imagery around a unique archetype, creating marketing differentiation and internal alignment. We assisted CTMG in revamping their sales process, starting with their sales presentation. We developed a new web site and sales brochure.


CTMG saw significant revenue increases (almost 300%) in one year using their new system. CTMG is now talking to and working with larger clients.

“Within less than six months, Forma’s comprehensive approach has enabled our company to successfully contract with multiple pharmaceutical clients on mutually beneficial terms.

Forma Life Science Marketing gave my company precisely what they said they would—making our complex value proposition compelling.” Anton Usala, CEO.