Project Description



Enthalpy is an LC/MS/MS lab competing in a crowded marketplace – so crowded that the offerings had become commoditized. Most competitors were running their equipment at full capacity, leaving little room to address urgent requests and negatively impacting service levels.


Forma helped Enthalpy identify, articulate and promote several key differentiators inherent in Enthalpy’s business model. We created The 70% Solution as the branding for one key differentiator: Enthalpy purchases new equipment when their capacity rises above this threshold, ensuring that there is always room for customers’ last-minute needs. All of the differentiators were expressed visually by contrasting Enthalpy’s innovations with other labs’ typical approach to the same issues.


Combining an innovative look with messages that compellingly distinguish Enthalpy from commoditized competitors, consistent marketing efforts have contributed to Enthalpy’s accelerating growth.