Most life science companies need to step up their content creation efforts. They don’t have an active program to engage their customers by providing compelling content.

Now a recent article points out the trends in this area, and the clear implication is that the time to begin this is right now. Forrester Research Inc. has recently published a report detailing the growth of social media. The research, based upon data from more than 275,000 customers in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, reveals the trends.

First, social media usage is up. No surprise there.

Second, social media content creation is down. That is a bit of a surprise, isn’t it? It turns out that most people are satisfied to consume content created by others.

Now this research is not limited strictly to B2B, so we have to be careful in how the data is analyzed. But all you have to do is look around to realize that the number of firms with active content marketing programs (to create the content) and social media initiatives (to spread this content) are still small.

So if people are satisfied to consume content created by others, then those few who are actually out there creating content have placed themselves in the minority, and they have a better chance of being noticed and seen as a valuable resource.

There is a window of opportunity for your firm. As more firms understand and act on this reality, the window won’t stay open forever.