January 24, 2023


Katie Garret was promoted to Director of Account  Management on Monday, January 9th, 2023.

Katie joined Forma in March 2020 as an Account Manager. Her natural ability to maintain positive client relationships and deliver superior results cemented her as a crucial asset to the Forma team. Shortly after Katie joined Forma, the Covid-19 Pandemic changed the business landscape for many of our clients. Katie adapted to the situation and guided her clients through that turbulent time, all while supporting Forma’s internal sales and marketing efforts.

Katie has demonstrated stellar strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, frequently providing innovative solutions for Forma’s clients and maintaining positive, honest relationships with dozens of contacts across the life science industry. From coordinating robust strategic engagements to organizing long-term tactical campaigns, Katie’s outstanding performance has been a boon for both Forma and its clients alike.

“Katie is a calming presence with a wealth of account management experience,” says Account Manager Kim Corgan. “She has the ability to come up with unique solutions that always have her client’s best interests in mind. Her promotion to Director of Account Management is a win for Forma.”

“She’s never backed down from any challenge,” remarks Digital Marketing Director Jordan Eller. “Not every project is as straightforward as it may seem on paper, and Katie’s proven that she can tackle any problem our clients may be struggling with. She’s a major contributor to Forma’s continued success and absolutely deserves recognition for her efforts.”

Please join us in celebrating Katie’s achievements!