Amanda Jackson Promoted to Director of Creative Services

By Jordan Eller

amanda jackson promoted to director of creative services

6 July 2023


Amanda Jackson has been promoted to Director of Creative Services at Forma Life Science Marketing.

Joining Forma Life Science Marketing as a Graphic Designer in 2019, Amanda quickly established herself as a valuable asset to the team. Her keen eye for detail, innovative ideas, and exceptional leadership skills led to a promotion to Art Director in 2021, where she oversaw all creative initiatives for Forma’s clients. Amanda’s commitment to excellence was recognized by her peers and clients, leading to numerous successful branding campaigns and strategic engagements.

“Amanda’s promotion to Director of Creative Services is a testament to her remarkable talent and invaluable contributions to our organization,” says Tiffany Raczkowski, one of Forma’s account managers. “Her leadership qualities, combined with her unwavering dedication and exceptional organizational skills, have been instrumental in our success. I have no doubt that Amanda will excel in her new role and continue to inspire and lead our team towards even greater achievements.”

Amanda Jackson’s promotion to Director of Creative Services is a testament to her remarkable talent and unwavering commitment to creativity. Her journey from Graphic Designer, to Art Director, to a leadership position underscores the value of expertise, passion, and hard work in achieving professional success. We look forward to witnessing the innovative campaigns and groundbreaking ideas that Amanda and her team will bring to life as they shape the future of Forma Life Science Marketing and its clients.

“Amanda is someone that truly goes above and beyond for Forma and our team,” says Katie Garrett, Director of Account Management. “Whether Amanda is working on a client project or a Forma initiative, she excels at what she does and makes our team better. This promotion is so well deserved and I am so happy Amanda is on our team!”

Please join us in celebrating Amanda’s new role!

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