How are you making your life science brand stand out in this highly regulated industry?

If you’re like most science organizations, there’s a good chance that you’re not. Many life science companies suffer from the same generic messaging, tone, and design, which makes it difficult for them to engage with their audience in a meaningful way.

Your offering needs 5 essential components in order to be successful

If you’re seeing poor sales performance and low audience engagement, it’s possible your science brand is too bland and uninteresting to be compelling.

Below is our list of five crucial ingredients that are proven to spice up your brand and gain more market traction. If you’re struggling with how to define these components for your science organization, reach out today and learn more about how Forma can support your branding efforts!

1. Importance

Your offering needs to be important!

Does your offering have enough substance to be relevant to your audience? Does it provide significant value for your customers? These are some of the most important marketing quests to ask when considering your services or products. If one of your offerings is lacking relevance or value, decide whether to invest in improving it, or focus your efforts on other channels.

2. Believability

Your offering needs to be believable!

Trust signals are a huge part of marketing and branding. Earning a customer’s trust is one of the best ways to compel them to buy from you. The best way to achieve this is to verify the claims you’re making about your services. Make sure you’re gathering customer testimonials and turning your big wins into case studies to bolster your brand and send positive trust signals.

More on the importance of trust signals in marketing can be found in our blog, Trust Signals: What They Are and How to Use Them

3. Compelling

Your offering needs to be compelling!

Does your offering compel your audience to take further action? Take a look at this actual tagline a past client built their brand around:

“Delivering accurate results, when you need them”

If you’re like most life science professionals, your initial response is probably something like, “Well, yeah, accurate and timely results are the absolute minimum I would expect.”

This is an example of a generic tagline that doesn’t compel the reader to engage further with the brand. When marketing your services or products, make sure to highlight what makes them unique, and focus on what unique benefits your customers can expect when buying from your life science brand.

4. Authentic

Your offering needs to be authentic!

Your offering needs to be indisputably yours. Make sure to highlight what makes your offerings unique so your audience can always associate your products with your brand. For example, a past client chose aquatic names for their lineup of mass photometry devices instead of generic product names like XRD-1, XRD-2, and XRD-3.

It can be challenging to achieve true authenticity without feeling gimmicky, but the truth remains that an authentic brand will stand out more than a generic, status-quo brand.

5. Sustainable

Your offering needs to be sustainable!

When marketing a product or service, you need to be certain that you can sustain that particular target audience over time. Make sure you can consistently generate interest around your offerings, and continually develop marketing material (such as unique content) in order to promote it. Don’t leave any of your audience segments behind!

If you suspect that your life science brand is missing one of more of these essential ingredients, reach out to the Forma team today and learn more about how we can help you achieve your sales and marketing goals!