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Effective employee training
starts with alignment.

Even with a strong articulation of your unique position; even with a new website and a library of engaging content — if your employees aren’t aware of and committed to what your organization stands for, you’re in trouble.

Effective employee training doesn’t just apply to the sales and marketing team. These days, flatter org charts and wider social media usage make every staff member an ambassador for your organization.

Having a small group of brand police is out; deputizing every employee is the hot — and correct — new thing. To guide behavior, encourage consistent action and promote on-target storytelling, you have to arm employees with the proper knowledge and tools. In short, they need training and reinforcement.

At Forma, we’ve pioneered the use of archetypes in the life sciences to promote employee alignment within our clients’ organizations. We’ve seen that archetypes are a powerful way to help employees understand high-level objectives and values — and even better, to give them a sense of ownership so they’ll remember and apply those objectives and values in the course of their daily routines.

Simply put, your most important audience is standing right in front of you. Effective employee training can ensure they all march in the same direction.