Your workforce is the backbone of your life science company. Too often, employers don’t take the time to check in on the wellbeing of their workers, which can lead to organizational issues down the line. How can you guarantee a strong brand if you don’t take the time to align internal teams?

Believe it or not, your employees are a crucial element of your marketing efforts. If you take the time to align your internal teams, you’ll have a crew of knowledgable, focused brand evangelists who can elevate your business to unprecedented heights. But before you begin cultivating an atmosphere of alignment, you have to understand what it internal alignment actually means.

What does it mean to “Align Internal Teams”?

Put simply, “internal alignment” refers to your workforce, and how through training and support, everyone can share a unified vision for your company. By guaranteeing your workforce shares the same principles and goals, your brand becomes stronger both internally and externally.

This is why it’s so important to align your internal teams. An engaged workforce will give you a significant advantage over your competitors, who perhaps haven’t prioritized internal alignment.

Showing appreciation for your workforce is one of the most effective ways to cultivate an atmosphere of alignment. And it’s definitely something that should happen throughout the year, not just once! That’s why we’ve created a handy list of simple (but compelling) ways you can give thanks and align internal teams.

1) Highlight team wins

No job should be thankless. By taking the time to highlight team wins, you not only show your appreciation for your team, but you also motivate other team members to achieve their sales or marketing goals as well.

2) Go public with your appreciation

A quiet, private show of recognition can be a nice ego boost for one person.

However, if you’re public about your appreciation, that enthusiasm can have a broad, positive effect on your other team members. At Forma, we have a Slack channel dedicated to celebrating wins and achievements so that everyone on the team can share in the excitement!

3) Feature your team on your website

Every website should feature an “About Us” section, and life science websites are no different. Where appropriate, try to feature as much as your team on your site as possible. This serves two functions:

  1. It humanizes your brand in a way that generic stock photos don’t
  2. It can be a point of pride for your employees

This is a great example of how internal alignment can benefit your brand from the inside and outside.

If you’re interested in how Forma can help you align your internal teams and create an engaged workforce, check out our Employee Alignment services, or contact us today!

4) Recognize both personal and professional achievements

Professional achievements like signing a contract or launching a new website are definitely reasons to celebrate, but keep in mind that your team members have lives outside of their jobs.

Take the time to celebrate personal wins, even if they don’t directly pertain to your business. Encourage your team to share things that brought them joy in a non-professional capacity, such as a marriage, buying a house, or adopting a new pet.

5) Show active support to your team

Having an “open-door policy” (whether it’s physical or virtual) is a nice approach to take, but that might not be enough for the newer generations of workers. Bianca Bass writes, “[In order to motivate newer generations of workers], you need to invest in your team as people, not as employees.”

This can be as simple as asking them, “What can I do to help you?” or “How can I make your life easier?”. By taking the extra step to show empathy, your team will see you more as a mentor, instead of just a manager.

6) Give your team a real voice

The age of simply barking orders and demanding results from your team is over. The most aligned life science brands understand this.

Does your team have a say in which projects they’re involved in? Are their ideas taken seriously, or are they dismissed without consideration? You can align your internal teams by giving them a real voice and a real choice in how you approach your work.

7) Encourage professional education and growth

If you’re like most people, you likely get dozens of invites to webinars and workshops in your inbox each month. Instead of deleting the ones that aren’t relevant to you, consider forwarding them to teammates who could benefit from attending.

By encouraging further education, you’re demonstrating an interest in your team, and a desire to see them grow professionally.

Showing appreciation to your team should be a year-long practice. There’s no better way to create an engaged workforce than to consistently show your support and thank them for their hard work.